Getting Started:

FULLY CHARGE your Dotbuds as follows:

1.  Plug-in the micro USB cable and charge the Charging Cradle WITHOUT the Dotbuds inside until the RED light on the bottom goes OFF.

2.  Unplug the Charging Cradle. Place the Dotbuds in the Cradle, attach the lid, and press the button on the bottom of the Cradle. Both Dotbuds should have a glowing RED light (visible through the lid). When both Dotbuds are FULLY charged they will both have a glowing BLUE light (visible through the lid).

ONCE FULLY CHARGED pair as follows:

1.  Open the Bluetooth menu/settings on the device you wish to pair them with. Hold down the button on BOTH Dotbuds at the SAME time. You will hear the “Power On” dialogue followed by “Pairing”. On your device connect to TWS Earbuds.

2.  When you wish to discontinue use, hold down the button on ONE Dotbud. You will hear “Power OFF” on BOTH. When you are ready to use them again, hold down the button on ONE Dotbud until you hear “Power ON”. Repeat for the second Dotbud. They will beep and are now paired to each other and to the previously paired device.